Cambodia Movement for Health (CMH) was registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2006 as a non-governmental organization. It is a non-profit and non-political local organization committed to public health, the organization does not accept funding from individuals or organizations that engage in activities, or manufacture products that harm public health.

Currently CMH efforts are focused fully on tobacco control. CMH has wide range of experience in advocacy; including advocacy for effective implementation of the FCTC, passage of the Law on Tobacco Control, establishment and implementation of smoke-free policies for military workplaces and campuses, schools, and health facilities, as well as conduct research for advocacy.

To successfully carry out these projects, CMH has built a good network of contacts with policy makers, media agencies, health institutes, youth and women’s groups, NGOs and others. In recognition of its substantial contributions to tobacco control in the Western Pacific Region, WHO presented the 2008 World No Tobacco Day Award to CMH for its outstanding efforts in advocating for the passage of the Law on Tobacco Control, mobilizing multi-sector support for tobacco control, launching smoke free environment campaigns in schools and monitoring the tobacco industry's marketing activities targeting young people.